Privacy Policy

Below is the Immersive Bank Privacy Policy statement that we have produced in order to be compliant with the Data Protection Regulation and GDPR.

The Immersive Bank

DPA compliance - disclaimer notice

Initial version: Nov 2007


The Immersive Bank (IML) collects personal data from customers in order to provide banking services and comply with legal and regulatory requirements (e.g. the Money Laundering Regulations 2007). 


We wholly reserve the right to share any of our customers’ personal information, including activities online, with our selected third parties (which may change on a day-to-day basis) at our discretion. This is for the purpose of directly targeting marketing messages. 


Where customers provide IML with information that is incorrect or incomplete, IML may take legal action against the customer, including court action. 


IML keeps its customers’ data forever. We do this because storage is relatively cheap and we may wish to use it at some point. 


You are able to delete your account at any time. This will erase any personal data that we have about you. Any other data we have collected (for example when you use our website) will be made anonymous. 


Pursuant to your rights in accordance with being a citizen of the European Union, any data held on you should be accurate and up to date. If you suspect that there are any inaccuracies with the data held on you, you are advised to contact us to clarify any misinformation. 


All of our contact details, including our address, email and contact number are available on the contact us page of our website. 


We are committed to supporting flexible banking so we can provide our customers with a copy of all the data we hold on them. This is available in an easily portable format from your online account by selecting ‘port my personal data’ from the main menu. 


IML allows its customers access to their information by submitting a data subject request (DSR). The detailed process can be found under ‘miscellaneous services’ located in your online account. Requests of an unreasonable nature will incur an administration fee of £40 to cover the reasonable costs. Requests are processed within 30 days of initial contact by customers.


IML products and services are not available to children under the age of 16. We will never knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 16. If you are under 16 years of age do not use our services. If you are the parent of a child under 16 and you become aware that your child has provided personal information to IML, please contact us at


Periodically, our customers' personal data will be analysed using the latest artificial intelligence algorithms for the purpose of ‘credit profiling’. These decisions are made solely by computers and there is no human involvement or right of appeal against these decisions because the algorithms are infallible and unbiased. 


If you would like to register a complaint about the use of the artificial intelligence algorithms for the purposes of credit profiling, you are able to do so. Please contact us at


Law enforcement agencies may access your personal information. 


At IML we take security of our customers’ data very seriously and we constantly review the security systems we use to protect your data. More information is available upon request by contacting us directly.  


Please uncheck this box if you do not wish us to share data with third parties.


Please check this box if you are happy for IML to contact you with information about products and services that may be of interest.


Forewarning notice: IML is in the process of expanding its operations overseas and as part of this is exploring options for offshoring our data storage (including personal data). If you have a personal objection to any countries, please let us know in writing, detailing the grounds on which you object (e.g. Human Rights).


You are encouraged to contact us for any clarifications if you are unsure about anything addressed in this policy.